Talenza Blog Top 5 Blogs For Women In Tech Featured 1

With International Women’s Day 2020 happening earlier this month, we are sharing our pick of the best technology blogs written by women, for women. Although progress has been made, only 28% of the Australian IT workforce is female, so there is still a long road ahead. For women navigating the ups and downs of the industry, having the opportunity to share in and learn from the experiences of their peers through blogs can be a big confidence boost and provide a welcome sense of community.  So, to help you get started, we have put together a selection of our favourite blogs on the net, containing advice, support and networking opportunities to bring women in tech together. 

Women Who Code

This non-profit organisation was established to inspire and empower women working in technology around the world. Not only do they provide training, networking and mentoring opportunities for professionals themselves, they also educate companies around how to retain, hire and promote talented women. Their 200,000-strong membership comprises women from all levels and specialisations including engineers, executives, designers and data scientists.

The Women who Code blog is broken down into several key categories; from the latest opinions about Mobile UI in Technical Insights to tips on networking in Industry Insights. The blog also profiles celebrated members who share their experiences and provides overviews of industry-related events.


Poornima Vijayashanker started Femgineer in 2007 as a creative platform for sharing her experiences working as the founding engineer with Mint.com. Thirteen years later, the organisation has developed into an education company for tech professionals wanting to build software products and companies. The blog is built around the concept of sharing learnings to innovate and inspire, and covers topics such as hiring tech professionals and the benefits of putting the customer at the centre of product creation.
Their website also has a range of online courses covering technical skills improvement as well as soft skills such as communication.


Skillcrush is an online coding school that wants to make learning about technology accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With a special focus on under-represented groups including women and mothers returning to work, they call themselves a “school with a heart”. Their priority is seeing their students go on to achieve successful and manageable careers as Front End Developers, WordPress Developers and UX Researchers. They even offer a free coding camp that helps beginners enter the world of tech in just five minutes a day. Their blog is supportive and friendly, offering advice around choosing specialisations, preparing for job interviews and industry trends.


Short for Females in IT and Telecommunications, FitT is based in Australia and supports women working in all functions in ICT; from Marketing and Sales to Technical and Operations. They run networking events, coaching and leadership training and a mentoring program that matches experienced professionals with young women entering the industry.
Their blog shares the inspiring journeys of members, as well as profiling women who have participated in some of their programs. Wellness, diversity, and inclusion also play a key role in the blog, with advice provided by industry experts.

Made with Code

Run by Google, Made with Code is a website that introduces young women to code and inspires them to follow a path into tech. It aims to tackle gender inequality in the industry by raising up a new generation of female coders.
Their Instagram blog showcases the skills of young women around the world who all share a love of tech. This is definitely a more modern approach to blogging, with most content pieces delivered through Insta slideshows or short, snappy microblogs. While not a strictly professional training forum, the posts are inspiring, fun and empowering, and a welcome break for all women working in tech.


Despite the challenges that can come along with being a woman in the technology industry, there are also plenty of rewards. By learning from the experiences of their peers, female tech professionals can be empowered to tackle challenges in their own career paths.  Whether you’re a woman looking to break into the tech sector or an employer wanting to boost diversity, we have a team of technology recruitment specialists ready to help you take your next step – give us a call today.