Whatever way you look, everything is turning digital. With modern technology evolving so quickly and customer expectations as high as ever, organisations across the world have looked to digital experts to meet these changes head on. However, when skill sets are changing almost overnight, who do you partner with to find future digital opportunities or your next digital expert. That’s where Talenza can help.

As a specialist digital recruiter, we keep our finger on the pulse of each and every change in the industry. Whether you’re searching for digital contractors in Sydney, or permanent digital jobs in Brisbane (and everything in between!), you can trust Talenza to look after you every step of the way.

Our client base consists of companies of all sizes (not just in-house but agencies/consultancies too). Some of the digital jobs we recruit for include:

  • Product Management

  • Design Leadership

  • UX/ UI Architecture

  • UX/UI Development & Design

  • Digital Producers

  • Web & Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing Management

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Talenza | Recruitment Done Differently
Talenza | Recruitment Done Differently

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Talenza | Recruitment Done Differently
Talenza | Recruitment Done Differently

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