We are at a time in human history when the rate of change is accelerating faster than human adaptability.

​To celebrate mental health month Andrew Sully, CO-CEO of Talenza has teamed up with Matt Hughes Principal at Ripen to bring you this Resilience resource.

This whitepaper is designed for managers, team members and job seekers.

We cover:

1. Why resilience is important

2. The differences between wellbeing and resilience

3. Identifying resilience

4. How to measure workplace resilience

5. Strategies for building a resilient team

About Ripen

Ripen started in 2016, to share proven mindset & behaviour strategies for building Resilience. Since then we’ve educated & empowered ‘000s of people across many organisations & industries, creating happier & more successful individuals & teams. We went digital in 2019, and throughout the Pandemic of 2020 & 2021 we’ve successfully delivered our practical and proven digital Resilience Bootcamp to thousands of teams, across 25+ countries.

Download the Ripen + Talenza Whitepaper here!

​"You either win, or you learn." Ash Barty