Recruitment Process Outsourcing

How does Talenza RPO work?

We become as deeply engaged within your recruitment function as your needs dictate, working closely with hiring managers and relevant stakeholders to understand your goals and build a talent acquisition
pipeline to match. When we come on board, we have two key objectives:

  1. Provide specialised, real-time recruitment market insights at a strategic level.

  2. Alleviate the heavy lifting and administrative burden of your recruitment practices so you and your team can get on with making your business tick.

What are the benefits of Talenza RPO?

  • Reduced Recruitment Costs

  • Scalable Recruitment Capacity

  • A Consistent & Predictable Recruit-to-Hire Process for Permanent and Contract Recruitment

  • Increased Candidate Quality

  • Enhanced Employer Brand

  • Reduce Commercial Downtime for Managers’

​To get started, give us as much detail about your project as you can: