Permanent Tech Recruitment Services

We offer technology recruitment services across all of our specialisations but when it comes to recruiting permanent tech roles, why should you choose Talenza as your recruitment partner?

First, like you, we have a passion for technology. We even host regular panel discussions and other events to share insight into the latest trends.

Whether it’s digital or data, software engineering or change management, we’re able to save you time through access to talent pools you’d otherwise be unable to source. As well as a comprehensive database, each of our tech recruiters have extensive networks in their specialisations – meaning you’re able to gain access to both the top active and passive permanent talent in Australia.

Like any modern organisation, the business is also supported by a range of modern platforms and recruitment tools, allowing the business to streamline its recruitment processes.

Looking for a technology recruiter in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne? Contact us today to see recruitment done differently in action.

​Making a long-term business-critical hire starts here: