Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions

Talenza Connect isn’t just about identifying the right tech talent for your organisation today, it’s about finding and implementing a repeatable formula for successful technology recruitment in the long-term.

Our made-to-measure outsourcing solution is designed to fit the exact dimensions of your wider business strategy. So whether you need a small, selective service or the full-scale design of an end-to-end delivery model we’re here to help you embed sustainable hiring into your business’ DNA.

We do this through two proprietary delivery processes:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our de-risked, scalable recruitment solution is built to last, offering you a repeatable formula for successful hiring over time.

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Recruiter on Demand

The lag between identifying a strategic hiring need and executing a recruitment process can rob organisations of unique growth opportunities. Recruiter on Demand is how we are helping businesses to overcome the challenge.

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