Our ReForest Now Partners | NSW Flood Relief

If you follow us, you will know we have been partnered with an incredible bunch of humans over at ReForest Now since 2020. We donate trees for every placement and referral that we make, as part of our commitment to the planet and sustainability.

These people are dedicating themselves to the reforestation of Australia. Planting trees every day to combat climate change, to protect our wildlife, environment, and us. How do rainforests combat climate change? They absorb and store significant amounts of rainfall, and have incredible mitigating functions that protect our communities against severe natural disasters like the ones we are seeing today.

Regeneration of our rainforests is critical.

Devastatingly, ReForestNow has been hit by the record-breaking floods across NSW, destroying their communities.

The rainforest nursery that we support each month is located in Mullumbimby, one of the areas that have been brutally impacted. Many of the ReForest Now staff have been seriously impacted. You may have seen that Lismore has been one of the worst affected areas, where floodwaters have had no difficulty covering two-story homes. One of ReForest Now's ecologists was even rescued from the roof of her home in Lismore after 6 hours stranded... She has lost everything.

We have reached out to ReForest Now to ask what we can do to help and they are desperate for assistance across their entire community. Therefore we are raising funds for the people affected within ReForest Now, Lismore, and Byron.

We have made the first donation of $5,000 and we are calling out to our networks and communities to ask please if you can, join us in a donation... no matter how small. Your tiny act of kindness for a stranger cannot be underestimated. If you'd like to donate, please follow the link below:


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