Career and education background:

With qualifications in Communications, PR, and Careers Education, I am passionate about connecting people and maximising relationships between the education sector and corporate Australia. I have fifteen years' experience working across universities and employer graduate programs. I have extensive knowledge and a broad professional network, working in the graduate recruitment market and developing early careers initiatives. What I do boils down to three things: supporting university students to gain industry exposure, connections, and experience, helping graduates secure employment, and advising employers how to attract, engage and retain early career talent.

I am a communications enthusiast, passionate professional development speaker, creative problem solver, and collaborative leader. I love launching careers and I live for watching the personal growth lightbulb moments happen for the people I work with. I develop mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships – if it’s not a win-win for everybody, in the long run, let’s talk (shake things up if we need to) until it is. We are in the business of humans, not inanimate resources. I want to hear your story!

What I’m passionate about:

I am a passionate mum of two children, it’s my number one job in this life! I study psychology (forever a student). I love being physically active and close to nature, recently I am combining the two by learning how to free dive! I balance out this angelic side of me with a coffee addiction and a predilection for dark chocolate and red wine.

What you can call me for:

If you are a student or graduate and want advice on how to turn your degree into a job, let’s talk – it’s more fun than you think. If you are an employer struggling to hire grads or figure out how to connect with universities, get in touch – we’re in this together. Or if you want to have a coffee to talk about how we can shake up the graduate recruitment market together, let’s do it – I’m keen.​

Two facts about me:

  1. I used to be a spin instructor! (Emphasis on the used to)

  2. In 2021, I racked up over 60 000 + minutes listening to music… I really like music.