​​​​Career and education background:

I studied English Literature at Newcastle University (The UK Newcastle!) and pursued the dream of Data recruitment a few years after! I now have over twelve years experience recruiting within Data Science and Analytics across all industry sectors.

What I’m passionate about:

I love to travel and find new places to go. Extracurricular time is currently spent learning how to use the right end of the hammer for a house renovation. I've been in Oz for two years and started doing the vegan thing five years ago – by accident – and now love to be in the kitchen learning to cook new vegan foods! Evenings and weekends are made up of pretending to be fit enough for Crossfit, weightlifting, and boxing. I'm always keen to try any new fitness-related stuff. I'm an Arsenal FC fan and ex-season ticket holder (Arteta in/out? Thoughts welcome), I'm a complete film nerd, Matthew Walker disciple, and Squidgame enthusiast. I find inner peace with a swim at Icebergs or in one of the many oceans on the coast. I love a cold beer or two (or three or four… (fades out)) after work in the pub or in the sun on the weekend. Love the outside, love a social, love trying new things, love being busy... can’t sleep in.

What you can call me for:

All things Data Science, Analytics & Business Intelligence. I am always happy to share market insights, current trends, review CVs or talk about new and exciting projects in the Data world. If you’re actively looking for your next big move or just dipping your toe in the water, come to me and we can talk it through in detail to scope out the right options for you. If you’re hiring in your team and looking to source talent from a top pool of the best Analysts and Data Scientists in Sydney, look no further. Feel free to jump on the phone or video call and let’s chat in more detail.

Two facts about me:

  1. My front teeth aren’t real

  2. I hate Christmas jumpers