Career and education background:

​I have over 15 years’ commercial recruitment experience across London, Sydney, and Brisbane. I graduated in 2001 from Northumbria with an Honours Degree in French and Spanish before moving to Australia, working at Optus for a year before returning to the UK to begin my recruitment career.

I have always worked in the technology world and have spent most of that time delivering solutions and technology staff within the Financial Services space. I have managed some hugely complex and demanding accounts/clients throughout my career, while successfully starting and growing multiple businesses over the past 10 years of his management career. For now, I am 100% focused on expanding the Talenza brand's Brisbane office.

What I’m passionate about:

The obvious (Children, Wife, and Dog) spring to mind!  Outside of that I have been playing Football Manager loyally since 1997 and buy it religiously. I have won the league in every major Football playing country multiple times. More of an obsession. Wife hates it. Most stuff that HBO churns out gets me pretty good. Cricket. Hawthorne garage coffee shop.

What you can call me for:

​I think (hope!) that most of my clients and candidates in Brisbane would call me if they were looking for a discrete and professional recruitment conversation, with an experienced recruitment leader about either opportunities in the market, the best ways to scale a project, or identify a set of hens teeth. There’s also every chance they would call me for a beer on Talenza in a Brisbane beer garden and a yarn about sports, but hopefully more of the former than the latter.  

Two facts about me:

  1. I was once the subject of a 60 Minutes documentary

  2. I got a bagpiping scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious schools in Scotland