​Career and education background:

​I have three years of recruitment experience in the Fintech industry, working in areas such as technology, product, business development, operations, and finance.

What I’m passionate about:

​I enjoy reading and learning about new technologies and amazing things that are happening in the universe. I am a nature enthusiast. I would rather live in the woods than in a concrete jungle.

What you can call me for:

​You can contact me at any time! Although, in terms of hiring, I'll be looking for people in the areas of data, software development, and digital for the NSW Government, in particular.

Two facts about me:

  1. ​In the past four months, I've changed country, home, and job, all while gearing up to become a first-time mum!

  2. I was once booted out of class with my friends for being mischievous, and went to a carrom tournament and won a gold medal!