​Career and education background:

My passion for people started as a little girl, I was the one who newbies went to as peer support at school and I've always helped people learn the ropes. It has continued through my customer service life and now in my People and Culture career. I have worked in a tea company, a start-up bank, and an Opera company. I love people from all walks of life and the stories that go along with them. I studied Commerce at UNSW and I'm here to help you through your employee lifecycle and get you moving your life forward. As a wise man once said, "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives"

What I’m passionate about:

I love walking in nature and all things animals. I am passionate about cooking, eating, and having a laugh.

What you can call me for:

All things HR but for now, I will be focusing on the Learning and Development of our people.

Two facts about me:

  1. I love dogs, especially dachshunds 🌭

  2. I sing everywhere, not just in the shower...