Career and education background:

Back in 2011 after a long career in business sales and retail management, I accidentally (like everyone) found myself in recruitment, in the highly competitive and relationship-driven Adelaide no less. In 2014 I moved to Sydney and began working in Internal Talent Management. The four years I spent there gave me a unique insight into a client's true recruitment needs, and how best to add value from the agency world. Over my career, I have developed a passion for workforce planning and strategic sourcing. I also really enjoy training and developing recruiter's careers.


What I'm passionate about:

Outside of work, I am also an F1 tragic, and Survivor super fan! I also put my unfinished fine arts degree to good use by regularly moving furniture around our home….. I can lift a lounge with one hand!


What you can call me for

Reach out to me if you have vacancies that require high levels of candidate control and influence or hard-to-fill roles at any level. My team are specialists in volume technical attraction campaigns and strategic sourcing, and our focus is on gaining and maintaining strong relationships with the best candidates, whether they are active or not. We drive success through open, honest, and genuine conversations that evolve into the best business or career outcomes for all parties.


2 facts about me

  1. I have been to 17 formula one races and met Kimi Raikkonen, Jackie Stewart, Lewis Hamilton, Alain Prost, Niki Lauder and Daniel Ricciardo!

  2. I am the eldest of 11 kids….. so I know how to compete and win to be “the favourite”!