Career and education background:

I was raised by an auditor, so naturally fell into numbers from a young age. I am a qualified Accountant working in Finance for over 12 years in various commercial settings from Education to Recruitment and most recently FinTech! I've worked on multiple M&A Integrations, helped build finance teams in various countries (Hola Mexico! My Spanish is still terrible), and love all things FinanceOps - think system implementation, process improvement etc!

What I’m passionate about:

Most of my spare time is spent with my kids, so there's lots of adventuring on the weekends. When I'm not in mum mode I love catching up with friends for good food and a rosé.

What you can call me for:

You can call me for anything Finance or Numbers related. I'll also happily chat about Dogs too!

Two facts about me:

  1. I had 3 kids in the space of 18 months (There's got to be a maths riddle in that).

  2. I would happily live off Chocolate.