​Career and education background:

My background is largely in sales but more specifically, events. I was lucky enough to find myself working around the globe for the worlds leading paintball supplier. Starting with Canada and then moving on to Australia, and New Zealand. I developed skills in direct sales, lead generation, sales training, and mentoring. Before this, I worked for ITW as a Sales and Development Representative.

What I’m passionate about:

These days I’m most passionate and finding ways to spend time with friends and family... ideally around a campfire! Although I’m big enough to accept other avenues, like maybe a pint or a pad see ew!


What you can call me for:

Call me for all your recruitment needs! Whilst I work in team Project Services, I can put you in contact with specialists across digital, technology, and government too.


Two facts about me:

  1. I’ve been bitten by both a horse and a lion, the horse hurt more.

  2. Despite the connections to paintball, I don’t even like it!