Career and education background:

I have always had a passion for IT since my first class in high school. After studying Software, Design and Development and Information, Process, and Technology for 4 years I knew it was time to hit the ground running. Starting as a service desk technician in a team of two for 3 groups across 170 locations, you can say I got my fair share of experience. I then jumped ship to an MSP which gave me broader experience as I worked my way from service desk, to dispatcher, to acting service delivery manager. Bringing me to today where I have come to understand a very common term in recruitment – “I didn’t find recruitment it found me.”

What I’m passionate about:

I am on both sides of the scale! On one side I love to ride motorbikes and game and, on the other, I love designer bags and anything pink!

What you can call me for:

Let’s chat! I am hiring across Technology and Digital, whether you are looking for a step up in your career or to employ leading talent feel free to reach out.

Two facts about me:

  1. The soberest person you’ll find dancing on tables

  2. I coded a mobile app for my high school teachers daughter