Career and education background:

​I graduated from high school only a few months before covid exploded onto the scene in early 2020. During covid, I worked as a PA and then transitioned into childcare! I only just finished up in a childcare role to start with Talenza as CX Admin Assistant in early 2022.

What I’m passionate about:

​I am a proud Pomeranian mama and am completely absorbed in everything that my fluffy baby does! I take every chance I can to play throw with her and adorn her with little squeaky cat toys and miniature tennis balls. I am also thoroughly passionate about waffle desserts and melted chocolate!

What you can call me for:

Anything admin or contracts related!

Two facts about me:

  1. Even though many of my house plants are neglected, they are somehow alive and even thriving?

  2. I held the highest major project score of my school for the HSC regarding the representation of men and mental health