Career and education background:

My career spans across 6 years in recruitment marketing and employer branding. During this time I’ve worked in marketing and operational functions on the client-side and for various boutique and global agencies. This has afforded me the opportunity to consult and learn from clients like ING, Equifax, Ericsson, Serco, and NIB. I started out freelancing which I still do on the odd occasion when I am presented with awesome projects I can’t turn down!


What I’m passionate about:

At work, I’m most passionate about bringing to life and delivering meaningful and inclusive experiences. Outside of work, I love reformer pilates, cooking, jumping in a car to head up or down the coast for the weekend, and making sure no dancefloor is ever empty!


What you can call me for:

Anything relating to employer branding, D&I, or marketing. Or if you have a big business idea - I would be ok with that too but that might be time better spent over a beer!


Two fun facts about me:

  1. ​I cook my steaks for as long as I can hula hoop (mostly medium rare)

  2. I have a fear of magpies