Career and education background:

I have been recruiting cyber security and infrastructure talent since 2014 – placing everything from CISO/Director level engagements to Analysts, Engineers, and Architects.

What I’m passionate about:

As someone who loves learning about the ever-changing cyber security industry, Chelsey is an active member of numerous industry communities including the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and Australian Women in Security (AWSN).

What you can call me for:

All things InfoSec with a splash of diversity. I am based in sunny Brisbane so my network is strongest here but I have placed security professionals across all of Australia. If you are looking for specialist skills in CISO & Leadership, Governance, Risk and Compliance, DevSecOps and Cloud Security, Penetration Testing, Security Operations & Incident Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Engineering & Architecture, Baseline, NV1, NV2 & TSPV clearances  

I am also big on diversity and inclusion. I am a member of the Australian Women in Security Network and I am passionate about attracting and empowering existing female talent in cyber security. I can help you diversify your application pool by introducing you to some of the incredible female talent out there.

If I had to sum myself up in six words:

  1. Yogi by day, gamer by night

  2. I am on the Board for a Brisbane-based charity that fundraise to help sick children