​Andrew draws on 17 years’ experience leading and building recruitment businesses across Australia, the UK and Asia. In his current role as the Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Talenza, Andrew is accountable for executing the company's vision and building a recruitment business that can raise the bar (of the industry as a whole) through great customer experience and a transparent, refreshing approach.

He personally believes that all levels of a recruitment business should be proactive at building and maintaining a network that can add value to all (both internally and externally). Over his career, Andrew has built a network across a number of industries including, Technology, Digital, Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Telco, Construction, Engineering and Mining, to name a few. This has given him a well-rounded view of both the local and global markets.

More personally, Andrew is a born and bred Welshman (and Australian citizen). He is married with two daughters and a passion for all things outdoors. In short, he’s an avid cyclist, completed a number of triathlons, attempts to play golf and loves to pretend he’s great at surfing!