"Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage."

Greg Harris, Quantum Workplace

The question on your lips - "how do I find quality talent?"

We hear you.

We can tell you what we are seeing in the market sure, but it's the candidates that you really want to hear from. So we have asked our database of technology and project services talent what is most important to them when considering a new employer.

We have prepared the answers for you in the Candidate Motivators Report.

What is the Candidate Motivators Report?

This high-level guide uncovers what are the most important elements that candidates are looking for in a new employer, right now.

Covid has changed the way we think and operate in our personal and professional lives. What is most important to jobseekers now is more important than ever.

The insights in this report will help your company to:

- Position your offer based on drivers rather than just salary

- Better negotiate with candidates that have multiple offers

- Adopt a human-centric way of thinking in recruitment

- Align your EVP with real market evidence to attract top talent

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