Top 3 questions when transitioning to a career in change

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I am seeing some huge shifts in the market at the moment when it comes to the number of people wanting to break into change.

One of the biggest things I am seeing day to day is the volume of calls I am getting from people with transferrable skills who want to break into their first role in change management. So for this weeks edition of Transformation Tuesday, I have put together answers to the top three questions I am hearing to help you make the transition.

1. What level of change management roles should I be applying for?

  • Look internally first, build relationships with change and transformation professionals, be proactive and ask to get involved in their projects. Participate in workshops etc.

  • Externally, apply for Change Analyst opportunities. Ideally, projects which are relevant to your subject matter background. E.g. if you are a Risk Manager, apply for a Change Analyst role within a risk program.

2. How do I portray the transformation experience I have within my current job in my resume?

  • Highlight any time you have been involved in written communications, training, stakeholder engagement, and project planning. Emphasise your ability to build relationships, write a clear objective as to why you want to progress into change management.

  • A background in communications is highly desirable within change roles at present due to the fast pace and constant flux of change.

  • Undertake external learning, seek out accreditation for change management such as Earth 2 Mars


3. What kind of salary/rate can I expect?

Your rate will depend on your relevant or transferable experience and can vary. Although as a general rule of thumb, you can expect:

  • Permanent Change Analyst roles are $135K - $150K + Super

  • Day rate is $700 - $850 per day + Super

If you are looking to break into your first role in Change Management, it may not be as hard as you'd think! I'd love to hear from you to talk about how you can take the leap, give me a call, I'd love to hear from you.

Alex Smith

Principal Consultant | 0474 499 082