Stay or go? Top tips for software developers making the most of a hot market

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​#NotANewsflash: The global demand for developers is scorching. Salary and remuneration offers are off the charts in some industries as employers tussle for your talents.

But how to choose wisely when confronted with so many opportunities?

In our recent candidate motivators survey, we asked software developers what’s most important to them in an employer. Here are their top 3 motivators and our top tips to help you get what you most want!

#1 Developers want a healthy workplace culture

Healthy in this sense means good team culture and a workplace supportive of work-life balance so people can thrive. Because a happy, healthy, supported employee is a productive employee, right?

Since the pandemic forced most of us online, remote work has become an expectation. Developers say they want the flexibility of remote work and the option of connecting in person in the office. But if your current workplace isn’t offering that? Try to suss them out before heading somewhere that does.

Some questions to consider:

  • What are their reasons for not offering remote working?

  • What evidence can support your justification that working from home is working? (assuming they’ve pulled a Boris and claimed remote workers spend all their time making cups of coffee.)

  • Which competitors or industry leaders are doing this well, where you can propose a similar working model to adopt internally?

#2 Developers are keen for leadership opportunities

Opportunities are ripe for the picking, and we’re seeing a number of senior leaders picking up new roles. With so much change afoot internally, it could be a good time for you to flex your management skills and move up into a leadership position.

But before you jump into a new role (internally or externally!), you might want to ask yourself how you’d like to see your career advance and consider the different actions you can take in your current organisation first. Switching from development into management can feel uncomfortable as you’re using an entirely new skillset.

In addition to people management, what other opportunities are there for you to ‘move up’ internally and advance your career and expertise? Consider scheduling a career chat in with your manager to a) let them know of your intentions and b) come up with a plan together that creates the opportunity you really desire.

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#3 Developers want to increase their salary

Who doesn’t want more bang for their work-life buck? Sixty-seven per cent of our candidates say they’re motivated by an attractive salary and benefits package. So, what does a good salary package look like for developers?

In your workplace, that could look like equity and stock options, increased training and development spend, and/or making your role hybrid so you can spend less time and money on commuting and access greater control over your schedule and outputs.

Having work-life-career desires doesn’t necessarily mean you need to jump ship at the first shiny offer. So, before accepting a new role with a bag of unknown expectations attached, try exploring the opportunities available to you that are just as valuable. Want to stay up to date with our latest developer tips and insights?

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