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Melbourne, we always said we were coming for you… and we weren't kidding! 

On Tuesday 14th June 2022 we expanded into our third Australian state by occupying a new office location in Melbourne. You can find the new Talenza Melbourne offices at Level 14, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne. 

Originally constructed in 1891 for the chambers of the Commercial Bank of Australia, us along with more than 30 other businesses now call it’s 29 floors home. While 333 Collin’s Street is an address rich in history, you may be more familiar with the address because it’s home to hospitality institution, Strozzi.

The building isn’t the only reason why this office space is particularly special to us. Back in Sydney, when we were a team of four and just starting out, VCSO managed our 200 George Street office. It’s a real treat to be once again occupying an office managed by VCSO to help us launch in Melbourne. 

Why Talenza Melbourne?

The four co-founders Simon Hawkes-Lynn, Dan Cobelli, Andrew Sully and Henry Gatehouse are united in their desire for business expansion and agree that a more holistic customer experience is key to their success. 

Melbourne is a natural next step for Talenza says Co-CEO Henry Gatehouse. “We have a lot of existing partners down here in Melbourne. With boots on the ground, we know we can better serve our existing partners and ensure they get the same level of customer experience that our Sydney and Brisbane partners get.

“It was never a matter of if, always when and with our business growth over the past 12 months, this expansion has been imminent.” 

What does this mean for you? 

If you are in Melbourne, great news – you will be able to meet us in person and realise we are more than a face behind a computer screen! We are really excited to be able to offer a more personal and customer-centric experience for both our clients and candidates in Melbourne. This includes events, F2F meetings, localised education, and more relevant market updates. 

Henry is really eager for the wider business to become emersed in the Melbourne talent community. “When you move house, it’s important to get to know your neighbourhood, that’s how we are treating this expansion. We know there’s great projects and great people down here and we are excited to be able to play our part to bring the two together.

“It’s about more than just setting up an office in Melbourne, this is a new home for Talenza.”

We are working hard to put the final touches on a bespoke Melbourne events calendar to launch in the new financial year. If you want to keep up to date with our upcoming events, sign up.

Who will be Talenza Melbourne? 

For Henry, business is always about taking up the right opportunities, with the right people. “When you’ve been working in the industry for as long as us, you get to know a lot of great people, all on their own career journeys” he says. 

When Co-CEO Andrew Sully heard Simon Costa (a hire at a previous company) was ready to move from WA back to the East Coast, both Henry and Sully saw the opportunity to expand into Melbourne. 

“We have always wanted to bring Simon into our business and when the opportunity arose, we jumped to it. The stars have really aligned – he’s a dedicated professional and aligns with our business values. Our clients will really get along with him” says Co-CEO Andrew Sully. 

Simon Costa (affectionately known as Costa) joins as Director – Client Engagement and is the first Talenza Melbourne employee. 

It is going to be a lonely first few weeks in the office for Costa but it won’t be for long. We have a number of open positions for Senior Consultants and Delivery Consultants to join him in Melbourne!

“Costa loves AFL so I’m not sure if he’s more excited about working with us again or living in the AFL capital” remarks Sully.

Our new Talenza Melbourne home is equal parts beauty and functional and we are excited to show our clients and candidates around. To book in a time to visit and help us scope out the best coffee in the heart of Melbourne, contact us!