Just In: Talenza is a certified Great Place to Work®

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In what can only be described as the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Talenza has been certified as a bona fide great place to work! And with ninety-eight percent of our people scoring us at great, must be somethin’, hey? (The typical Australia-based company scores 55%... if you’re into comparisons.

What’s this Best Workplaces™ thing all about?

Every year, Great Place to Work releases their Best Workplaces report to benchmark and showcase the organisations across Australia (and the world, for that matter) who’ve built high-trust, high-performance cultures. Given the tight candidate market, being recognised as a great workplace is just one way to claim a competitive edge and stand out as an employer of choice.

Here at Talenza, we’ve always known we’re a great place to work. More than it just being a feeling in our bones (much like nan can always feel when the rain’s coming), our four founders made it their mission to create a great workplace when the idea for Talenza was born.

They wanted to redefine recruitment. And given our growth during a pandemic that crippled some others in our industry, you could say, they have.

But we wanted to make it offish, you know? We wanted our people to tell us what they thought of their employee experience. And so, with all the vulnerability of a five-year-old asking to share your bed at 2am, we put it to the Talenza team. 

How we scored

While most humans throughout the world are dreading their return to the IRL office, Alexandra wrapped up life at Talenza like this – 

“It is rare to want to go to the office every day. I very much look forward to being surrounded by the Talenza team. Coming from a non-recruitment background, everyone’s so willing to help… even if they’re recruiting in another vertical. We also have a bunch of comedians in our PS team, so that makes the bad days a lot better.”

- Alexandra Walters

But if it’s data you’re seeking, here it is in a striking visual display.

The future for Talenza

Not going to lie, an overall satisfaction score of 98% is overall, quite satisfying. But there are some notable areas we can improve on. And not that we’re mystic fortune tellers or anything, but we already had a plan in place to improve a few of these offers, anyway.

We’re stoked to have welcomed our first People and Culture Manager to the team (welcome, Nicola!). We’ve always been invested in learning, development and progression [that’s why we launched one of Australia’s first Future Recruiter training programs]. But this is an area we’ll be focusing more on as we continue building our team capabilities while empowering them to pursue development opportunities and specialised areas of interest.

Hear what some more employees say about us:

“Talenza has empowered me to grow and develop my space with trust and support throughout my 2 years with the business. A genuine care factor to improve the lives of their employees and enabling them to achieve their goals, both within their career and their life as a whole. An environment built on honesty and allowing people to take the initiative. Your ideas, however big or small, will be backed and encouraged. Couldn't be happier to be part of this supportive, high performing and incredible growth business!”

- Jacob Kenney

“I couldn’t be prouder to work for a company like Talenza. I have never worked for an agency who cares so deeply about everyone they work with, and how those ripple affect each set of people beyond that. They truly want to change the perception of the industry and are breaking moulds every day to show how it should be done. You can’t fake that kind of passion, and it is awesome to see that recognised with our GPTW accreditation.“

- Rebecca Blackman

If you’re looking for a great workplace culture with your next role, why not get in touch to explore opportunities in the Talenza team.