The 702 Day Wait. Is the Transformation Talent Shortage Over?

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For just shy of two years many of our conversations have revolved around international border closures dramatically impacting our access to the best possible talent, particularly within Transformation...

For what felt like a lengthy period of time, Recruitment within this space completely ground to a standstill, with many conversations resembling more of a chat about how people were feeling, both physically and emotionally, amidst the period of uncertainty caused by the dreaded P word. (Didn’t want to write 'C word' ... it sounds rude!)

However, all the fortune-tellers/optimists out there prophesised that when it turns, it will turn at breakneck speed, which it certainly did. Everything flipped on its head and suddenly we were inundated with roles and all fishing from what felt like a paddling pool rather than an overwhelming ocean of suitable candidates.

Never has there been a better time for Transformation specialists currently living and working in Australia to propel their careers, climb the ladder and ultimately pad out their wallets. Nonetheless, there simply hasn’t been enough by way of either quality or quantity out there to meet the demand required of so many organisations going through large-scale Transformation work.

What's Going to Happen Next?

The immediate solution seems obvious, right? The borders will open, people will flock to Australia (because it’s not a bad place to be, right?) and all will be well in the world of Transformation again. Market-wide, Transformations will have fresh eyes cast over them based on how other countries have operated, whether that be from a Digital, HR, or Regulatory driven perspective. We will once again have a rich tapestry of talent, ideas, and ultimately, safety in numbers.

In theory, it all sounds fantastic, it's refreshing and as if things are on the up, but in reality, will people really come running? (Like that scene from the Lion King with the wildebeest!) Below we see that there has only been a slight uptick in Google searches for the search term ‘Working Visa Australia’.  

Source Google Trends: Search Trends

People, by nature, crave safety, security, and a feeling of homeliness and belonging, and after such a tumultuous couple of years across the globe could people feel that rocking a boat that they have been striving hard to steady an unnecessary gamble? Or will people have the opposite view and embrace the ever-changing landscape by changing their own personal one?


With the international borders now open, let’s hope for the latter scenario rather than the former! I’m curious to hear what people think and how they feel about this and am open to all your ideas and thoughts.

On the very positive side, let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact we are finally seeing some fluidity of movement, and that many of us who have been restricted for two years can finally share some valuable time with loved ones. (I know I certainly will)

At #TalenzaProjects we welcome you in with open arms wherever you are in the world, and we look forward to having a conversation with you about how we can move your careers, and lives forward.