How to Address One Of TAs Biggest Challenges: Closing a candidate with multiple offers

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It’s a problem we hear all the time now - candidates fielding multiple offers before a hiring process nears completion.

Long gone are the days when a hiring manager could woo their top candidate and be the top employer of choice in return. In this scorching market, top talent hold (most of) the power.

So, we set out to answer the biggest question on TA’s lips: 

How do I close a candidate with multiple offers?

Short answer: Optimise your candidate experience

The candidate experience can sometimes begin before they even hit apply on your job ad. To put your organisation in pole position at crunch time, you need to be wooing candidates from the get-go. Focus on these 5 core things:

  • Career site

Your career site is the most important recruiting channel you have, since 59% of candidates will visit it after discovering a job opportunity. Nail your brand messaging here with employee testimonials, videos, and all the perks and benefits they can expect from their new role. 

  • Job ad copy

Today’s candidates *want* information so they can make informed decisions. While 61% of our candidates say the salary range is the most important part of the job description, don’t let it outshine the opportunity.  Candidates want to know the responsibilities of the role and what to realistically expect from working with your team (especially in today’s changing way of work!). 

  • Candidate communication

The biggest cause of a negative candidate experience is poor candidate communication. According to Talent Board, 63% of candidates say that most employers do not communicate adequately. When you then consider that the leading cause of a positive experience is great communication, this one feels like a no-brainer. 

Communicate regularly, transparently and in a timely manner throughout the recruitment process so candidates always know where they stand and what to expect.

  • Interview experience

How’s your interview game? LinkedIn found that 65% of candidates said a bad interview experience makes them lose interest in the job. If you’ve got them this far, now’s the time you seal that deal (not kill it!). So, share more details about the role, team, manager and working environment. Be open and honest when answering all questions. It’s also highly valuable arranging a meet-n-greet with their new team and an office tour so they can get a real feel for the environment they’ll be working in every day. 

And don’t forget about lengthy recruitment delays. The average duration of interview processes is about 21 to 23 days, but as today’s market is candidate short, you’ll want to reduce this timeframe to make your process more competitive. Which brings us to our next point...

  • Build rapport

ABC. Remember this one? Always Be Closing. 

You’ll want to be building rapport with candidates from that very first interaction. You can do that by showing up authentically and communicating openly throughout your hiring process. It may help to assume that *every* candidate has multiple job offers on the table. So, then, how are you going to woo them?

If you are struggling with this same issue, feel free to reach out - I'm always up for some problem solving over a beer -