A new beginning for Louis: How he got his start at Talenza

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We’ve had 26 new starters join us this year! But Louis Goth is the first consultant to arrive straight out of university. So, we wanted to know what made a human resources management grad choose a career with us in agency recruitment.

For anyone considering a career in recruitment, this one’s for you.

OK, tell us. What’s your day-to-day like at Talenza?

I’m an associate consultant within our government arm, which means I help the team source candidates for the NSW government roles open to Talenza. There’s often a quick turnaround time to find and place their candidates, so my day involves a lot of prioritising!

The specifics of my role include:

        communicating with candidates and keeping them updated throughout the recruitment process

●        attending job briefings

●        adding suitable candidates to our talent pools to improve future recruiting, and

●        staying in touch with hiring managers and onsite contacts.


How did you get into recruitment?

My university degree provided an opportunity to take part in a virtual internship with a recruitment firm based in Indonesia. This opened my eyes to the wide world of recruitment agencies and broadened my scope of thinking that HR recruitment was just internal within an employer.

What’s really drawn me into this career, is the opportunity to interact with a range of people at the very first stage of the employee lifecycle. Recruitment requires an element of sales paired with strong human connection, empathy and understanding of people’s emotions and desires, which creates an exciting, service-oriented role.

What made you pick Australia’s favourite recruitment agency?*

I definitely connected with Talenza’s values, particularly that ‘Be genuine’ is at the core of our business. I see this lived and breathed through the personal connections with candidates and genuine care. From a development perspective, opportunities to learn about new technologies and languages, access to industry insights and upcoming government projects (so much cool stuff is happening), and Talenza’s commitment to employee development and career progression sealed the deal.

Case in point – all-new rookie recruiters attend an intensive Future Recruiter program to learn about standard market practices, industry terminology, and correct recruitment processes that we can apply to our roles and interactions with clients and candidates.

What’s your favourite part of work/life here?

I love the close bonds we’re able to form with each other and the opportunity to work with more experienced supervisors who share their learnings and guidance. But I also enjoy the learning that occurs every day just by absorption!

What’s your 5-year recruitment career plan?

Luckily, there’s a clearly defined career path at Talenza as well as opportunities (and support) to carve out our own niche or match to a role best suited to our strengths and interests. For me, I’d love to further incorporate my formal training and work as a 360 consultant within the government space.

The beauty of Talenza is that there are varied opportunities.

Who (or what) makes a great fit for working well here?

Someone who aligns closely with the company’s values, is a team player and warm people-person, has executive-level organisational skills and a thirst for learning opportunities will thrive with Talenza. Which means that even if you’re a rookie recruiter, if you have the right values and skills-fit, you can learn the rest through our Future Recruiter program.

The world is grappling to find great recruiters. So, if you’re searching for a career change or your first job out of university and these experiences sound right up your alley, feel free to reach out to learn more about the environment at Talenza.

* Just us?