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We’re seeing some big changes within NSW government as they adapt to changing labour market demands in an increasingly digital world. For a long time, governments have carried a reputation for bureaucracy and strict adherence to traditional ways of working. But a lot of change has been happening and we’re seeing some individual agencies break free and embrace a more private company approach to operating.

As we’ve reported previously, remote working opportunities are on the rise, and the production of high-profile tech and apps are driving innovation in their ongoing move to digital.

We’re working with NSW Telco Authority

In December 2020, the NSW Telco Authority launched their 10-year plan to transform public safety communications for first responders. They’re building a single interoperable Public Safety Network (PSN) to deliver statewide, mission-critical standard voice and narrowband data services. As part of this network refresh, they’re moving from the traditional linear waterfall method of project management and transitioning to the more iterative and customer-centric agile method.

Given this big change in approach to project management, we’ve just placed their first agile coach to guide the team in this new way of working.

Contract roles in agile are paying well currently.

Tech-related opportunities with Service NSW

Encouraging news for tech talent – Service NSW is carrying out large bodies of work in their move to digital, requiring 200-odd roles to support their high-profile projects. For example, they recently digitised the NSW Driver Licence and created the COVID Safe Check-In app – prominent community-centric projects.

There are 200 or so permanent roles on offer here that are 100% remote. Government experience is not necessary, however, candidates must be NSW residents.

Why work at Service NSW?

These roles are ideal for people looking to make a tangible contribution and impact in their community. According to our recent Candidate Motivators Report, 1 in 3 people who reported changing jobs in the last 12 months said that a lack of sense of purpose contributed to their decision to change roles. So, if you’re seeking more purpose in your work and the ability to see the results of your work every day – these opportunities could be worth exploring.

Additionally, Service NSW employees enjoy partaking in ‘innovation challenges’, where they can take 20% of their work time to experiment and try something new with the products they’re creating. Got big ideas? Permission to have at them.

Get in touch with Rick if you’d like to learn more about these opportunities.​

Check out the video below to learn more about working at Service NSW.