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Want to get hired? A strong personal brand on LinkedIn can help you catch the eye of recruiters.

Thanks to the internet and social media, we’re all our own brand now. It’s important that you’re able to understand and communicate your core values, expertise, and unique selling position, so you can raise your profile above the noise and stand out as a ‘top candidate’.

A well-crafted personal brand also helps to ensure any potential job matches are aligned with your interests, needs, and expertise. So, here are 5 things you can do to build a recruiter-eye-catching personal brand on LinkedIn.

1. Think of yourself as a brand

Just like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s became two of the most recognisable brands globally – so, too, must we as individuals. Your personal brand is your key differentiator in your career and job-seeking journey: How you show up in the world and contribute. What you stand for and are driven to achieve.

Think of yourself as a brand and get clear on your values and unique selling proposition. Use these to tailor your pitch when applying for roles. You can also draw on your values, mission, and experiences to initiate and contribute to meaningful conversations on the platform and establish thought leadership authority.

2. Be consistent across profiles

Spend a few moments auditing your details and work history across your CV, LinkedIn profile and SEEK profile to ensure consistency. LinkedIn is currently the preferred way to headhunt talent, so you’ll want to be sure your experiences are up to date here, and that they are searchable.

3. Use strategic keywords

LinkedIn is a search engine – that’s how headhunters like me find you! Make sure that you’re listing specific projects, systems, and tech terms in full and as their popular acronyms that recruiters are likely to use in a search. For example, “I’m currently implementing the API standards for my organisation’s CDR (Consumer Data Rights) project as part of their Open Banking Program.”

Key searchable areas in your profile are your Headline, Company Names, Job Titles and Skills. So, think of the words and phrases most important and relevant to your career and expertise and make sure they’re present.

4. Be approachable and contactable

If you’re looking for work, you want to give the impression that you’re approachable to discuss opportunities. You also want to be easily contactable. Listing your phone number on LinkedIn is a discrete way of attaining more approaches from recruiters.

5. Ask for suitable recommendations

Online recommendations provide convincing social proof, especially on a professional platform like LinkedIn. Ask your current professional references (the people who’ll give you a reference after you get a job offer) for a LinkedIn recommendation. These will help your profile stand out with extra credibility, while also giving recruiters confidence in your skills. Again, make sure what’s being said is consistent across your professional profiles.


What makes every brand strong is authenticity and consistency. So, it’s important that you remain honest and true to yourself. I know in my experience (and certainly for the candidates on our database), the best roles have always been aligned with my values and purpose fit. You and the recruiter will only see that fit if you present an authentic personal brand.

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