Tv Shows Like Circle On Netflix

Aussie’s all over the country are currently coping with the fact we are in another lockdown. Yet again, most of us find ourselves sitting at home, plugged into Teams and Google Chat trying to keep in touch with our work husbands and wives via video calls.

If you, like us, are looking at keeping things fresh in the team bonding and remote game department, we got you.

Attention manager’s and proactive team members looking at ways to keep you and your team’s morale up - please rejoice and turn on Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ to get some great team bonding inspiration.

The Circle is a Netflix reality game show unlike any other, the main reason being that it revolves around social media, and players do not meet face to face. Throughout the US series, contestants played games hosted by the Circle platform itself to pass the time, have a little fun, and get to know each other better. We think this could be adopted in the corporate world.

Below we have summarised our top 3 remote games that could easily be replicated in a business setting. You and your team could be playing these by the end of today to keep connected and create some mental space.

Image credit: Screenrant

1.       Who Dis

This is a game that requires a bit of pop culture knowledge. In the show, players took turns being shown a picture of a celebrity, then they had to describe the person without saying their name for others to guess. This game could easily be turned into a themed quiz once a week – you could send your team mates the celebrities via email in real time and they could describe via Zoom/Google Hangouts/Teams. With the Euro’s coming to a close, and the Olympics about to begin, you could even choose countries to describe to keep things seasonal.

Image credit: Screenrant

2.       Ice Breaker

When contestants first meet each other in the series, they play a game called ‘Ice Breaker’ where they could answer yes or no statements to get to know each other better. While The Circle posed statements like “Money can buy happiness” and “It’s ok to pee in the shower” - depending on your team, you could be a bit cheeky and mention some inside jokes but also keep it work relevant. We recommend keeping it light but if there is an ongoing message a manager is trying to get across, you could mention this too.

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3.       Most Likely

This game consisted of players voting for superlatives, similar to those often featured in a high school yearbook. If your team is like ours, we are encouraged to bring our full selves to work and embrace our differences so even for questions like “Most likely to hold a grudge”, we could answer fairly and have a laugh because we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Every team culture is different so it may not be the best game to bring out the best in a remote culture!

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