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Making rural areas more connected sees higher salaries in education

May is always a big month for Government. With budget announcements, we can always anticipate that change is coming! If you would like to review any of the announcements and our take on them, you can download our 2021/22 Budget Wrap Up. While geared towards businesses, there are some useful insights for candidates too. You can download it here.​

Our work on Government roles this month has been in reaction to the specific need for quality education in rural areas. As reported in IT News, the $365.8 million rural access gap direct intervention program, will “deliver improved access to digital teaching, learning aids and collaboration tools to rural and remote schools”.


Recruitment for the Regional Connectivity Program

The Government is extending the Regional Connectivity Program by $84.8 million to keep regional Australians connected, and to increase the uptake of technology. This program is delivering improved broadband and telecommunications to over 80 locations across regional Australia. The aim is to decrease inequality by providing more equitable access to technology infrastructure in regional and remote areas. ​

The ministerial push that backs this project aims to ensure students, teachers and parents have the internet infrastructure to access the same online resources and tools as metropolitan communities. The Department of Education will run this across the next two years, to bridge the gap between metropolitan and regional access to facilities and infrastructure. In direct response to these projects our team have been recruiting for: 

  • Project Coordinators – coordinating with schools to initiate their technology infrastructure projects and ensure they are executed efficiently

  • Business Analysts

  • Project Managers – overseeing project coordinators. This position is specifically resourced to support the transition from toddler to primary school and primary school to high school, through digitising the 3 main axises in education: student, teacher, parent

Location and salaries


These roles are in Sydney, at the Everly office in Redfern. Salaries in education are often lower than the market average however as this program is being pushed from a ministerial level, there is a greater priority to attract top talent. To attract the best people, the government is offering elevated salaries to ensure their project can be delivered to the highest standard. 

Advice for Job Seekers

Usually, Government agencies move very quickly and the recruitment process for this program has varied from what we have become accustomed to seeing. Hiring managers are taking their time to select candidates for these roles. Ensuring that they find the right person, rather than taking the first candidate that fits their selection criteria.


Our advice to those who are considering these roles would be to act quickly. Although the Government are taking their time to consider the best applicants, the roles are still filling fast, even within the day! So make sure your resume is up to date and in the right format. The devil is in the detail, so ensure your exposure to technologies and specific skills are highlighted. 

As a business driven by values, we are always excited to be involved in projects that have a direct impact on our community. Filling these Government roles can ensure a school-aged child will get a better education no matter where they are located, and that is one of the many reasons we find working with or government so rewarding!

If you would like to speak to a Government specialist contact our dedicated team, Dan Cobelli and Rick Nunez.