Planting the Forests of the Future: Update on Our ReForest Now Partnership

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The Big Scrub, a rainforest in the Bryon Shire region of northern NSW, was once the largest expanse of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia; covering an area of approximately 7,500 hectares with a biodiverse array of species growing in its rich volcanic soils. Almost 99% of this rainforest was cleared by European settlers, and the remaining tree, shrub and vine species are now critically endangered.

Environmental non-profit ReForest Now’s mission is to protect, conserve and regenerate Australia’s forests by planting over 150 species of vulnerable and endangered native trees. Together with their partners, they are restoring the cleared land of this region to rainforest, connecting fragmented rainforest and building wildlife corridors.


Our Impact

Our partnership with ReForest Now allows us to plant five trees to reforest cleared land in Far North Queensland and Northern NSW for every placement we make. With your help, we have now planted almost 1000 trees since the initiative began – and this is only the beginning!

We recently had the privilege of contributing to a mega planting of 19,895 (almost five hectares) of rainforest trees over six days between 15-25 February. Thanks to your ongoing support, we were able to provide 110 trees to this project and were among the top contributors; a fantastic result that wouldn’t have been possible without our valued clients and candidates. ReForest Now is nearing a milestone of 100,000 trees planted, and together we are restoring hectares of subtropical rainforest in this extraordinary part of our country. We are excited to continue having an impact on our community and Australia’s unique environment through the work we do, that will last for generations to come.