The Future Workforce – Meet Our Panellists


​Anyone a little tired of hearing about how businesses and people should and should not be coping during COVID-19? Us too, it’s time to stop treading water with what’s now, and start planning for what’s next.

Join us and our expert panel on May 26 at 11 am to discuss the future of the workforce post COVID-19.

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Meet Our Panellists:

Michael Ewald, Director of Engineering, Contino

Michael has been in the business of transformation for more than 20 years. Having worked for some of Australia’s biggest financial institutions including CBA, ANZ, Lloyds, Westpac, and AMP, he knows the unique challenges faced by enterprises during the transformation process.

Danielle Owen Whitford, CEO, Pioneera

Danielle is a former IAG Transformation leader, that has more recently ventured into Startups. She believes we should all challenge the notion of “we can’t do it differently, so we better live with what we have”.

Francisco Morales, Recruitment Leader, Canva

Since Francisco joined Canva they have grown from 60 to 700+ people globally, from a scrappy start-up to a profitable USD $3.2 billion technology company that is among one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Laura Petruccelli, Director of People, Contino

Laura’s expertise lies in working within a high growth, high change, M&A environments. She enjoys being at the forefront of innovative employee initiatives that bring both growth and inspiration to businesses.

Matt Hughes, Resilience Coach, ripen

After re-training in psychology and discovering psychology research and strategies for individuals and teams to master their mindset for high performance, Matt now delivers digital and face-to-face mindset training, across the globe.